Friday, July 26, 2013

A+ Interactive Math gets an A

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This year our curriculum choices are very eclectic because God's been providing things here and there. Who am I to argue with God that what He provides isn't what I had planned. 

One of those unplanned blessings is A+ Interactive Math.

A+ is a full curriculum that can be used online, downloaded to print up, or purchased as a CD. 

We have the fourth grade curriculum. Each lesson is not too long, offers interactive Q&As, and a work sheet. You can do them online or access the same lesson and worksheets to print up. 

The program even keeps track of performance and grades. If you do the worksheets and exams online, it is recorded automatically. You enter the results if you do if offline. 

You can find a demo of the program HERE. They even offer free math placement tests.

I  like the size of the lessons. I really like that we can make the program and use it however we like. For instance, we have found we like to do the online lessons and Q&As, but do the printed worksheets. A few times we've switched it up and I've read the lesson from the textbook and then used the online worksheet. There is also a lesson plan which tells you what to cover each week. I like that because it allows me to plan our week instead of the curriculum.

A couple of minor things I wish they would tweak is that the progress for online and manual lessons would all be recorded together instead of separately. Another thing I wish would be that the lessons and worksheets would have the same numbering. For instance, lesson 2-1 has worksheet number 8. I just think it would be easier (especially for the student) to match the lesson and the worksheet.

Considering I only have two minor tweaks out of the whole program should show I think this is quality.

There are big things going on at A+. They are upgrading their website and having a big Facebook party.
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You can even try the program out for FREE for 30 days by going HERE.
They are even going to offering a way of using the program a month at a time or pay quarterly. You can find out more it at the Facebook party.

Thankfully through this review, I received my daughter's math curriculum for this school year!

I received the A+ Interactive Math for free in exchange for my honest opinion through the Gabby Moms program.

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Kelli Becton said...

Thank you for the kind review. More exciting news from A+ is that we are "tweaking" lots of things about our program. Although our curriculum is already fully comprehensive - we have upgrades coming and new products I'm sure you will love. Be sure to sign up for our blogger promo for the site launch/ back to homeschool & you can offer your readers a chance to win a new Kindle Fire loaded with A+ Interactive Math supplements. Let us know if you have any questions at all - thanks!

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