Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Answer to Prayer---CVS ECB

Yes, you read that correctly. CVS ExtraCare Bucks were an answer to prayer.

You see, while my husband has found a job, it doesn't offer much to live on after insurance, rent, and utilities. 

So we found ourselves facing the end of the pay period with no money and little food. In fact, the past few days I've literally been praying for food to feed my family. I'm not talking about not having anything we like. I'm talking about not having anything to fix AT ALL.

I faced today with a half pound of ground turkey, a box of couscous, and a few cans of veggies. That could be one meal, but I needed one more meal to make it until my husband gets paid tomorrow.

CVS to the rescue.

Yesterday, I received an email with a $3 ECB from CVS. At first, I dismissed it but then I realized that could be $3 in free food!

Today I scrounged up about $2 in pennies and proceeded to CVS.

Here is what I purchased:
Both items were on sale 2/$5. The total before the sale and ECB would have been $7.28, but I only paid $2.00 which is a savings of 73%.

This will give me 2+ meals. 
1.  I'll mix the Mac & Cheese with the cooked ground turkey with some canned veggies on the side. I "splurged" on the Deluxe because we are out of butter and milk; with the deluxe those items are not needed.
2. Fried sliced ham with couscous and canned veggies.
3. Left over ham with ?

So thankfully, God answered my prayer to be able to feed my family through CVS ExtraCare Bucks!


April said...

Do you do mypoints or swagbucks? I spend about 10 minutes a day doing those, and each month get gift certificates to stores of my choice on them. Right now I am converting all my points into walmart gc for a new swingset in the spring. Before that, I put them all into Lowe's cards for a new pool for the kids, and before that all walmart ones that I stocked up the pantry with. If you want an invite to either, let me know. Basically you do surveys or use their search engine to get points.

Betsy Price said...

Yes, I do both of those as well!

Here's a piece when Swagbucks came to the rescue: http://mrspriceisrighthomeschooling.blogspot.com/2012/08/swagbucksa-poor-moms-friend.html

Thanks for the comment and the reminder!

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