Monday, July 29, 2013

The Well-Planned Day Planner----GIVEAWAY

You know the school year is drawing near when you start planning...or thinking of planning...or thinking about planners at least!

Well, think about planners no longer. The answer is The Well-Planned Day Planner. It is made by Home Educating Family which also does the Home Educating Family Blog for which I write.

I have used and shared about it before. I still really like it! It is a FAMILY homeschool planner. It has more than just room to plan lessons. It can help plan your life.
It has:
  • Organize and Plan for up to 4 children in one convenient book.
  • Four Student Class Plans: Schedule each student's class assignments.
  • Four Student Time Schedules: Track each day by the hour.
  • Weekly Schedule: Organize your week with class assignments, weekly priorities, prayer requests, dinner menu, and notes.
  • Month at a Glance: Plan field trips, enrichment activities and books to read
  • Semester Attendance & Progress Reports
  • Perforated Report Cards
  • Menu Planning: Plan weekly meals and conveniently shop with perforated shopping lists.
  • Family Worship: Read through the Bible in a year.
  • Insightful homeschool articles and tips to inspire you throughout the year.
  • Two new elements are: Monthly Tabs and 2 page monthly layout
I really like the convenient, perforated shopping lists. I jot things down as I think of it which keeps me from being distracted during lessons. I use one of the attendance pages to keep track of our hours since that is what our state requires.

Check out THIS LINK to see what the actual planner looks like! There are 90 pages to look at so you get a good taste of what it is like.

Want some ideas on how to use the planner? Here is an article entitled 10 Ways to Use Your Well-Planned Planner.

Ready for the giveaway?

We'll be giving away one planner. It is running from now until Sunday, August 5 at midnight. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, this is for US residents only.

Congrats to Valerie!!!

Don't forget. You can always order one if don't win! They also have student planners. It comes in a floral pattern and tech pattern.
They also have their great magazine.

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