Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fireworks Artwork---paper, paint, glitter glue & chenille stems.

Unless you are my age group---then you need pipe cleaners instead of chenille stems! ;-)

I mentioned on my previous post about Flag Day/Fourth of July crafts. Although I had to do it differently, of course!

First, we bent 4 stem in half, twisted the "handle" and spread out the legs. We used white poster paint on black construction paper to make the basic firework shape.
Here is what one looked like after we were done with this step.
Now you could sprinkle regular glitter on the wet paint if you wanted to do so, however, I had a goal of getting some fine motor skill practice for some smaller fingers.
So, we let the paint dry and then used some glitter glue to decorate our fireworks.
Here are some of the finished fireworks!

Tomorrow we'll do a different for of "fireworks" that can also be used for flowers and other things.

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