Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ken Ham & Bill Nye Debate--A week from today

Have you been following the events as they unfold?
Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham at the Creation Museum

Bill Nye made a big ta-doo by saying we are harming our children by teaching them creationism and AIG responded. 
Go back the this post to see the videos.

Fast forward to now when Bill Nye and Ken Ham of AIG are going to debate each other on Tuesday, February 4. 

Evolutionists have having a heart attack stating that Bill Nye should waste his time debating. Richard Dawkins, of course, had to spout off about the dangers of debating Creationists. It gives Creationists an "apparent legitimacy." 


Anyway, you can go HERE to sign up to watch the debate online for free.

Nye Ham Debate Pre-order DVD now!You can also pre-order Uncensored Science: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham  Pre-order your DVD copy today! The basic DVD is only $19.99 or you can actually download the video for $12.99 (HD) or $9.99 (SD). I think it would serve as a great resource to watch again and again.

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