Monday, January 13, 2014

Moving Home & School

Moving Home and School
We are going to be moving this week. It's been a little overwhelming. We no longer have a minivan, so we can't carry as much to storage with each trip and of course, we can't move any of our regular stuff in until this weekend.

I was facing a January full of moving, homeschooling, Cubbies, and homeschool group.

Thankfully, I shared my load with ladies at church which brought a quick response of prayer. Also, other mom's jumped in to take over my responsibilities in the homeschool group this month. A big blessing was the encouragement and advice I received.

Then I felt a little ashamed because I had actually written about moving for the Home Educating Family Blog before!! Apparently, I needed to relearn what I wrote!

See if you can glean from it the first time as I review it!

We recently had the challenge of moving. It was not a planned move, and we only had two weeks’ notice, so challenge is the correct word in my opinion!

Thankfully, it was during the summer. We do not “officially” school during the summer, although a lot of learning takes place. The fact that we were free of formal educating, of course, added in our transition. Here are some things I did before we moved to prepare us for next school year after the move.

  • Remember that living skills are learning skills. My daughter was old enough to help with the move somewhat. She learned how to put boxes together. She helped pack boxes and had to consider how to actually place things in a box and not just toss things in a box! She observed the strategy in packing what you need least first and what you need most last. Life skills are education.

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