Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday---Why I don't buy Girl Scout Cookies.

Now, honestly I could say the last thing I need as a chubby diabetic is yummy cookies laying around the house. It would be true.

I could also mention that at $4 a box, my budget definitely does not them either!

Neither is the real reason I don't purchase Girl Scout cookies, however.

I don't buy them because I don't want to support teaching our daughters a liberal, feminist, pro-abortion agenda.

There it's out!

Here are some articles you can read to understand where I'm coming from:

An informative site is 100 Questions for the Girl Scouts which was started by the president of Family Watch International.

Please know that when a little Girl Scout asks me to buy cookies, I don't jump back, make a cross with my fingers, and shout, "Back you midget whore of Babylon." I just politely say no thanks. 

After all, it's their parents who need educated. So, it's the parents I take aside, grab by the shoulders, and while shaking them firmly, shout, "Stop turning your daughter into a femi-nazi, anti-christ!" 

Okay, I don't do that either.

But sometimes I wish I could.

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Diane said...

Oh, ABSOLUTELY, Betsy! Thanks for being brave enough to post this information!!

Chrystal Bliske said...

Stopping by (sorry, I got very distracted by a very sleepy 5yo this morning). I absolutely agree with your post entirely! I've resisted putting the girls in girl scouts for many of the same reasons. However, I am looking for something that I can get behind and they'll enjoy.

Beth said...

I agree. The only cookies I like are the Thin Mint and I found some Arnott's that I like much better.

Betsy Price said...

I know several people sending their daughters to American Heritage Girls instead of Girl Scouts. Their site is

God Bless!

Chrystal Bliske said...

Thank you I'll go look into them right now!

Mrs. Price said...

You are so right. And since you share my last name you are doubly correct. ;) Wonderful post. God bless!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I was horrified when I found out about their involvement with the Girl Scouts. That's one more wholesome activity ruined by liberalism. Stopping over from Modest Mondays

Janelle said...

I just skimmed the articles you linked to, but WOW! I was in Girl Scouts as a kid, and I don't remember any of this kind of stuff happening (and that was only 20 years ago -- things are deteriorating incredibly fast). This is terrible. Thank you for sharing.

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