Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday---From Glory to Glory

Thought I would be thoughtful today.

I was listening to a Contemporary Christian Music station while running some errands today. I am very picky and sometimes critical about CCM. I often find it shallow and sometimes downright unbiblical. Once in awhile though...

In fact, this time was a time which made me think. Some of the words of the song mentioned "Where would I be without You?" In a plethora of songs stating how worthy I am for God to love me, it was refreshing to hear a song recognize that I would be nothing and nowhere apart from God working in my life.

I know that a lot of times, I make the wrong choices. I don't even mean big things. It is most often the simple things like choosing the wrong attitude or words when speaking to my family. Choosing to be on the internet instead of on top of my laundry. Choosing to watch TV instead of my Bible.  

Thankfully, there are times I consider God and His will in my choices. At least I try to do so!

I could have been negative and focused on all the time I fail God, but instead, I thought about how even those few times I have been found faithful to Him, and how through those times He has grown, used, and directed me to where I am today.

Sure, God would have me a lot further along if I chose correctly all the time, but I CHOSE to praise Him for bringing me to where I am thanks to His faithfulness not mine.

Thankfully, each and every little action I let Him lead me in grows me from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18). 

So, where would I be without God? I don't even want to make a guess. I do know that with God, however, I am being changed slowly to the glory of Christ. From glory to glory with each tidbit or life I choose to surrender to His will.

Maybe I choose to be thoughtful more often. :-)

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