Thursday, May 5, 2011

Call to Beauty and Grace

I first learned about the  Home Education Council of America last winter when I listened to their Super Summit.  Here's the links from my time listening during that:  Recap of Day One, Super Summit Tonight,   Thomas Jefferson Education.

In fact, in Recap of Day One, I mentioned Donna Goff and the Princess Academies.  There will be a teleconference with her on May 12 and it's free.  You know how I love FREE.  Here's what HECOA has to say about the teleconference.

Rediscover the lost art of womanhood in this special presentation by Donna Goff, creator and co-founder of Princess Academies, LLC – an international organization for young ladies, mothers, and women. In this presentation, you will learn 5 simple things you can do right away to begin teaching your daughters, and even some tips on teaching sons to be dignified and respectful. You will learn what it truly means to be a daughter of a Heavenly King as Donna shares some important scriptural references to womanhood. The information is critical, and you won't want to miss it!

Members of HECOA can listen in for free on Thursday, May 12th at 1:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time). For those who live on the east coast, that will be 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Space is limited on the call, and on the webcast. Just sign in as a member and look under the navigation tab: Social –>HECOA Events –> Upcoming Teleconferences to register for the call.

Not a HECOA member? Join today! There are two options, the free membership (yes, you can listen to the live presentation with the free membership) and the Plus membership (Plus members can download the audio after the teleconference).

CLICK HERE to join HECOA now!

What is beauty? How do you differentiate between real beauty and the false messages of the world, and teach this to your children? What is your most important relationship? Do you teach grace or merely tolerance? Discover eloquence, etiquette, sisterhood and more! Find out where you can get the golden keys to everything needed to become the Heavenly daughter you were designed to be, and more importantly, restore the lost art of womanhood by teaching your daughters.

I'm planning to be listening.  Will you be there with me?  Did I mention it was free? 

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