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Summer Reading Fun

Summer Reading Fun
from CurrClick's Weekly Newsletter 5/16/11
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Whether you take a break for the summer or school year round, summer is a great time to encourage reading. Struggling readers can take a break from their formal reading program and find pleasure in reading books they enjoy. Kids who love reading will be thrilled because they don't often have time to read all those books on their “want to read” list. Moms, you can use the quiet reading time to catch up on household chores or better yet, do some reading of your own!

So how do you keep reading time fun all summer long?

Here are some ideas for any age group:

1. Create a fun reading area. It can be inside or outside, but make it special.

2. Read daily as a family. Pick one or two novels for the summer. You can take a family vote to decide.

3. Make weekly or biweekly trips to your local library and join their summer program, if available.

4. Set a summer reading goal as a family.

Here are some ideas for each age group:

Pre K - Early Elementary

1. Let your kids select books they want to read.

2. Set up a reading center based on a theme your child loves.

3. Find book clubs in your area or plan your own with some of your child’s friends.


1. Have your child make a list of book topics they want to pursue.

2. Gather games and activities to go along with that topic.

3. Find book clubs in your area or a few friends to form your own weekly group.

4. Challenge your child to read a longer book by selecting one associated with a movie. Use the movie as a follow-up to completing the book.

Middle School

1. Host a book swap with friends.

2. Host a weekly or monthly book club with friends.

3. Have your child select a topic that interests them. Then, help them find titles to go along with that topic. Let them host a family "show-and-tell" at the end of summer so they can share what they’ve learned about their topic

4. Allow summer to be their time for free reading. Don’t dictate every book they must read.

High School

1. Host a weekly or monthly book club with friends.

2. Host a monthly book share with friends.

3. Create a reading list but let your teen select which titles to read over the summer.

4. Choose a book and read along with your teen. Then discuss the book as you go along.

Do you have summer reading ideas? We'd love to hear them. Share your thoughts and ideas with us on Facebook.

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