Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Raise my Ebenezer on the Day After Memorial Day

The day after Memorial Day, specifically May 31 since Memorial Day doesn't fall the same each year, is a special day to me.  It's one of the days the reminds me to obey God above human logic, and He will provide help and hope.

Ooooooo, it sounds really deep.  Doesn't it? 

You see, way back when I was 21, I did something drastic.  For various reasons, the Lord had me leave the church I was attending.  My good friends were mostly understanding, but also concerned for me.  After all, I hadn't been able to attend a Christian college to earn my M.R.S. degree.  Now, I was leaving a church with an active singles' department  to attend a church where I was the singles' department. 


I truly wasn't concerned.  Sure, I would like "the guy" in my life, but I apparently was naive enough to believe that God could bring it about as long as I followed Him.

So, I went to my new church and also kept up with my "old" friends.  One of my old friends was a guy named Tim.  He was in the Air Force and ended up attending a church that was closer to his post which fellowshipped with my new church occasionally.

No, it's not going where you think it might.

Tim was a great friend and helped a single girl friend a lot!!  Some people thoughts went where your thoughts might have headed, but that wasn't God's plan.  Thank God.  Tim was a great friend, but he ate a peanut butter sandwich with chili.  Who could be married to someone like that?  It grosses me out just typing it down.

Well, Tim actually found a girl at the church he attended that could accept his peanut butter sandwich and chili habit.  Her name was Tracy.  They got married, and she became just as good a friend to me as Tim.

Now pay attention.  This is where God really does His interesting stuff.

Tracy knew this guy.  She had graduated school with him.  So, about a year  and a half later, she and Tim just really felt they needed to get us together.  They tried a few times, but things just didn't work out.  Obviously, the guy just wasn't that interested in meeting me.

FINALLY, they got the guy to agree to coming down for a fish fry to meet me.  First, they didn't know he didn't like fish.  Second, they didn't know he didn't have a driver's license or a car which meant he bicycled EVERYWHERE.  Third, they didn't know there was a chance for rain showers that Tuesday afternoon.
All that meant that:  First, he ate fish anyway because he didn't want to offend.  Second, he biked from Leavenworth, KS (city not the prison) to Bonner Springs, KS which is about 20 miles.  Third, he arrived damp from riding in the rain.

That was 23 years ago today.  It wasn't necessarily love at first site (although Mike said it was for him after he heard me crack a Star Wars joke), but it was a definite interest.  Enough interest that we were married a little over 7 months later. 

So, today stands as an ebenezer, if you will.  Evidence of God's help.  I didn't have to manipulate my situation to find a husband.  I just had to follow God and hang around others who did the same thing. 

Thanks God.
Oh, and thanks to Tim & Tracy who allowed God to use them!

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