Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't take a bath & other things I learned from 5 R's of Godly Womanhood

Don't take a bath.

That is only one  of the many pearls of wisdom I gained this month from listening to Godly Womanhood: The 5 R's for Homeschool Moms by Lorrie Flem.  I reviewed the first 2 R's of this Eternal Encouragement resource last month.  This month I gleaned from the last 3 R's which are Refine, Rejuvenate and Rest.

The set includes 5 MP3s and 5 e-books and is available for $24.97 HERE at Eternal Encouragement

Why don't you go purchase it now while I wait for you?



While you were gone, I learned to view my housekeeping as a God given career and plan to improve it. 

That was definitely a challenge to me.  I've often used homeschooling as an excuse for my messy house.  In fact, a friend credits this fact to the safety of her home. Awhile back, they awoke to find their front door broken in. Nothing was taken, however. She thought nothing was stolen because the thieves didn't want to deal with the chaos in her living room!

True story.

But Lorrie challenged me to not accept where it is but to plan on improving my performance just like someone who works in a career outside of the home would do.

Then in Rejuvenate, Lorrie taught about CRIJ.  It can be a challenge to get all four elements together in my own obedience! When it comes to mija, well sometimes I might get CRI but no J, but on a really bad day I may only get a C.  Then sometimes, I don't know if because she's sanguine or because she's a blonde, but C and I go out the window leaving only an attempt at R and J.

I'm sure you'll understand better when you listen to Rejuvenate for yourself.

In Rest, I learned that for my rest tomorrow, I have to work today. Lorrie taught me there is a lot more to resting than just attempting to get time alone.
Which reminds me.

Don't take a bath.

I received a complimentary copy of the 5 R's of Godly Womanhood as part of The Gabby Moms in exchange for my honest review.


Cindy said...

Thanks for the chuckle. These 3 R's were so full of conviction, that I needed a chuckle!

Victoria said...

Hee hee. Cute.

Carie said...

Betsy, I love your review. So cute and gets the point across. Great job!

Knittycat said...

Thanks, Betsy. I love reading the Gabby Mom reviews :) I LOVED listening to #3 myself!


mrspriceisright said...

Thanks so much ladies for your comments. It's means a lot!

You know, sometimes you just gotta' laugh or you'll cry! ;-)

Jenny said...

Ah, Betsy, I love your humor! Thanks!

Mrs. Q said...

This was funny--thanks for the laugh :)

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