Monday, August 22, 2011

Organized Ramblings---a review and GIVEAWAY!!! UPDATED

Do you remember Catherine Jaime?  I reviewed her Math Facts Fun game back in July.

Catherine has spent 30 years homeschooling her 12 children. I think that is a great knowledge base from which to glean! 

Thankfully, she's more than willing to share.  She's written a book, Organized Ramblings: Home Education From A to Z.  I even have it listed on my Amazon carousel over on the right.

What can I say about it?  It's "organized" and it's "ramblings."  Actually, it is organized, and it's only rambling in the sense that it covers many different topics.  She shares all kinds of things that can give you ideas to consider or to do.

There are 26 chapters in the book one chapter for each letter of the alphabet (Get it?  A to Z?).  Then she's gathered all her thoughts on that topic in each chapter.  There are chapters you might expect like "Bible and Discipleship" and "History and Geography."  Then there are other chapters that might surprise and give you food for thought.  How about "Drama including Shakespeare" or "Kids (the 4 legged kind)."  

I wanted to share about this book during August because I think it could be encouraging as we start the new school year.  I'm always looking for ideas and encouragement.  You will definitely get that from this book.

And so, Catherine who has just recently returned from Albania. (Did I mention she's a world traveler?) is offering a free copy to one of my readers! 

Here is all you need to do in order to enter. 
1. Go to Catherine's product site at  BTW, there are a lot of other great stuff on the site as well.
2. Pick out one of her products that really sparks your interest. 
3. Post the title in a comment below.
4.  TaDa!!  You're entered.

UPDATE:  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE GIVEAWAY IS FOR A COPY OF ORGANIZED RAMBLINGS.  The comment is merely to mention what other products you find interesting.

The last day to enter will be Saturday, August 27, and I will post the winner on Monday, August 28.

And you know what?  I'll give you an extra entry if you blog, Facebook, or Tweet about the give away.  This only counts after you do the above entry.  Make sure to do one comment for each thing to give yourself better chances.

Now, keep in mind, you can always just purchase the book if you don't want to wait.  Just go to Organized Ramblings: Home Education From A to Z.  AND it's even available in a Kindle Version!


Diane said...

I would love to have the Holidays and Holy Days book -- I kind of keep a collection of books and ideas that help us keep our focus on Christ in Christmas and God in all the holidays. That looks really cool.

Diane said...

I always just shared about the giveaway on my fb page -- maybe you'll get some interest there.

Glitterflit said...

"History of Astronomy" from sounds very interesting and like something we would enjoy.

Caroline @ The Modest Mom said...

The Civil war time line looked great!

Caroline @ The Modest Mom said...

I tweeted about it.!/TheModestMom/status/106108950033858561

rach said...

I am totally interested in math facts fun game. Anything that gets my kids learning w/o really knowing it is a definite need fo htis mom!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for letting us enter this drawing!! I would love to be entered to win Math Facts Deluxe Game!!...(has she gotten the two 12 sided dice in yet?)

mrspriceisright said...


Just want to make sure you all understand. The giveaway is for a copy of "Organized Ramblings." The comment is just about other products of Catherine that you find interesting.

Sorry if I didn't explain that well enough!

mrspriceisright said...

2 Anonymous:
I'm not sure about the dice. I'll check with her! They are really cool.
Oh, and could you post your name, so I know one anonymous from another!
Thanks so much!

mrspriceisright said...

Yes! Catherine has her 12-sided dice in stock! They are so cool.... :-)

Catherine Jaime said...

Yes, the 12 sided dice are in, so Math Games are a go again! And just to let everyone know, our e-books are 50% off right now on (Now through August 25.)

Anonymous said...

I think the Lewis & Clark Deluxe Game by Catherine Jaime and the Presidential Pets look like fun.

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