Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Edible Cell for coooooool!

Sure, we made a cell out construction paper, but now I must acknowledge and even cooler cell idea!  
An edible cell!!

Just go to se7en and find out the details!

BTW, I find out about a lot of these cool craft ideas through Craft Gossip!


Sarah Grace and Cary said...

What is it made out of? I can tell what some of the smaller pieces are (gummy bears, dots) but what is the large red part, the blue strips and the green and orange sections?

Very cool! I would love to try this in the classroom.

Betsy Price said...

It IS very hard to tell. I don't have a clue about the blue strips, but I'm wondering if the orange and blue were sliced Mike & Ikes or something similar.
I believe the "body" of the cell is jello...she lists it as jelly, but I think it's jello.
Hope that helps!

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