Friday, August 26, 2011

The Preeminence of Jesus Is for Everyday Life

I know this was written by a dad, but the truth is the truth.  It's a great reminder for us all!  Well, I guess I should just speak for myself.  Maybe you've got your act together!!  :-)

Desiring God

The Preeminence of Jesus Is for Everyday Life

by Jonathan Parnell
August 23, 2011

I recently spent a whole day tucked away at a local library. It was a golden spot. Quiet. Secluded. I sat beneath a shower of grace: an open Bible, a hungry soul, a copy of Owen’s The Glory of Christ. I spent several good hours there reading and praying and preparing for a sermon about Jesus and his glory. It was easy to walk close with Jesus alone in the library.

I left that spot and within an hour found myself quickly ushered back into the mess of everyday life in the form of my defiant three-year-old and her younger sister who really needed a diaper change. I longed to be back at that library, tucked away from the mess and headache of real life — that is, until it dawned on me that in the middle of such a mess is where I really live, and that Jesus wants it that way. This is where most everyone lives, and if the supremacy of Jesus doesn’t land on us here, in the mess of the everyday, then we’ll spend our days oblivious to its wonder. I didn’t need to escape back to the library. I needed Jesus right then and there.

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