Thursday, February 2, 2012

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National Homeschool Book Award ClubWe've been using CurrClick for awhile.  Of course, there are all the cool downloads, but now there are also online classes and clubs.  Mija has really enjoyed them and frequently asks when her next one is!

One of the most recent club she "attended" is also one of the newest.  It is the NHBA club, otherwise known as, the National Homeschool Book Award Club.  Yes, there is a National Homeschool Book Award.

The meeting is on the last Thursday of each month. It lasts about an hour and included discussion and activities.  One book is covered over a two month period so there is plenty of time to read it.  We didn't even get half way through through the first book before the first meeting and mija fit in fine.  

The format was really great.  Small segments of the hour were broken down into comprehension questions, discussion, a project, and topical learning.  I also liked it because there were times when the teacher actually shut off the chat box, so the attendees had to pay attention to what she was sharing and couldn'
This is mija attending the class with her star wheel.
I'm not sure why Mick Jagger lips were involved!
The book for January and February is Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass.  We've been reading it aloud as a family.  It was actually a great book for us at this time because we've been doing astronomy for science.  I really like subject integration like that!!  In fact, the project in January was making a star wheel.

They also discussed labyrinths in the book and in the club.  As a result, we went to a local labyrinth to check it out. You can find a labyrinth, too, at
There's still plenty of time to read the book if you'd like to join us in February.  Oh, and did I mention the club was FREE!!  All you have to do is sign up HERE.


Michelle Dudley said...

I'm one of the co-founders of the National Homeschool Book Award and just stopped by to read your blog about the CurrClick club! Thanks for passing on the word and for posting the great pictures of your daughter in the labyrinth--so glad you're enjoying the book aloud as a family! CurrClick is doing a great job with the club, but for anyone unable to attend, please stop by our website at to sign up for updates and access all the great activites and resources for the books! NHBA is free and simple to be a part of, so join us for a year of reading great books together!

Betsy Price said...

Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm honored.

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