Monday, February 13, 2012

We're having a SNOW DAY!!

In our area, this winter has been "the winter that wasn't."  We've averaged temperatures in the 50s and less than an inch of snow the whole season.

Well, today we got our first real snow of 2-3 inches.  For those who know snow, you know that's not an extravagant amount.  In fact, some of the grass still shows through.  But when you haven't had any snow, it's a big deal!


Here are some photos.

Snowballs are first thing, of course.
Hold still Daddy so I can throw this at you!
Sledding down the hilly street with a trash bag.
Awesome!  I just hit mom with a snowball!!
In case you want something a little more educational for you snow day visit Snowflake Bentley to find out more about "The Snowflake Man."

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