Friday, June 18, 2010

Cleaning House--Workboxes

I've been clearing out many things preparing for a moving sale and came across my index card box of educational ideas. 

Way back when I graduated from college with my teaching degree, most people didn't have personal computers yet nor was the web very webby yet, so it was recommended that we keep a card box with cards listing ideas that we come across while reading or teaching.  The rule was that the highest compliment you could pay a teacher was to steal her idea!

Anyway!  I came across my box and decided that storing some of the ideas on my blog was most efficient way to keep them.

Since I'm planning on trying to use Sue Patrick's workbox system, I perused them last night looking for ideas for additional activities that I could add to my dd's workboxes. 

I'm going to write them down as I wrote them but then maybe add some personal notes on ways that I may use them this year.

Have each child write his or her telephone number across a sheet of paper.  Using all the digits, create number sentences to equal 0.  Add, subtract, multiplication, division may be used as often as necessary, but only the digits in the phone number can be used and only as often as they appear (i.e. 267-9102--number 2 can be used twice.
I might use this just as a source of numbers to have her write simple addition or subtraction sentences. 

Cut bright pictures of people, animals, and favorite popular character from magazines and stick a toothpick through at two places to make simple puppets.  Students will enjoy writing scripts for their puppet show.
Cute idea in itself, but I think it could be even more specific by writing the script to teach something they just learned or read about.

Use letter shape cookie cutters with play dough.  Have students cut the letters out of play dough and spell words.
Fun way to practice spelling words.

Use an egg carton.  Cut a thin slits into the bottom of each egg carton so that one card can fit in each slit.  Use to put numerical cards in order, put words alphabetically, events in chronological order, etc.
Again, how about alphabetizing spelling words, using letter cards to spell small spelling words, putting presidential or time line cards in order, etc.

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