Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preschool Thoughts

Recently, I met a lady that was considering homeschooling.  She would be starting with preschool.  I shared some ideas and thought I'd post them here.

The main source I used for preschool was Letter of the Week and I just did the letter of the week format. It did was free and did a great job doing the basics. I added some math to it. You could just pick up some math workbooks at Walmart and such, but since we knew we were going to use Singapore Math eventually, we started out with PK Singapore Math. I think it's called Early bird.

Another idea is a series of books entitled Five in a Row. I used it for kingarten but there is a Before Five in a Row that would be very appropriate for PK. You read one book daily for a week and learn various concepts from that book. When I used FIAR for kindergarten, all I did was add math and reading and I was done. It was really fun.

Now, I also want you to know that there are several PK curriculums out there that provide all the books and give you specific lessons plans. If you'd like more information on one of those, just let me know. I just didn't go that route which is why I share things like Letter of the Week and FIAR. They are the things I used that worked well for me. The thing about homeschooling is not everything works the same way for everyone, and there is great freedom to change.

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