Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Language Arts idea using cartons/boxes

Sharing a few of my collected ideas from my index card box.  I'm going to just copy them as I have them written down.  Most are language arts but there's a few math ideas thrown in.  I don't know they sources but probably teacher magazines.

Promote the Product:
1.  Choose a container.
2.  Think of a new product for that container.
3.  Design a new label for the container.
4.  Write a promotional paragraph selling the new product and describe its use.

Give each student/team a cereal box.  Have them find as many adjuctives on the box as they can.  Make a chart listing all the adjectives they find.  Let them use tally marks to count how many times each adjectives is found.

Have children count the number of adjectives, then the number of verbs and nouns.  Have them use ratios to show the comparisionsthen make fractions and compare.  Have children offer their ideas about why adjectives are used more often.

Challenge students to use a thesaurus to find new words for the more commonly used adjectives.  They can also replace adjectives with descriptive phrases.

Catalog the Carton using containers with info filled labels.
1.  Read information on the container.
2.  Make a list of different categories of information on it, i.e. recipes, contents
3.  Tell how the type of information are different or similar.
4.  List any selling points on package.
5.  Why is this information on the package.

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