Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeschooling the Rebellious Child

Deborah Wuehler has another great piece.  I think we all deal with a little rebellion now and then...and then sometimes our children do it, too!!  ;-)

I won't do it!" my child screamed after being asked to sit down and start the day's math assignment.

"You will too!" I resolutely stated right back. "I will not!" And thereupon ensued an all-out fight of wills. The strong-willed mother determined to win over the strong-willed child. After all, the books said that if I didn't win every battle, I would not win the fight. And boy, did we battle. This was the beginning of years of anguish in dealing with a strong-willed, highly eruptive child.

Some days were worse than others, but all were equally miserable. The older siblings would complain and take up my offense. Younger siblings would cry because Mommy was crying. All the while, the smug little hard-nosed rebel sat defiantly on the bed screaming and shouting to his (or her) heart's content. It was a struggle not to allow bitterness to rule my spirit. The daily strain upon my heart, soul, and body were wearing me down to the point I wanted to pull away from everything and everyone. I would cry out to God. "How long, O Lord?" I lived in the comfort of the Psalms. After I cried, I would read and pray. I HAD to in order to face my child again.

How did we end up here? We analyzed everything from birth. Was it the fact that this child was born screaming? Maybe it was that time at 3 that I intervened, thinking Dad was too harsh. Or was it because in public he was well behaved, so I let slip his passive rebellion at home? Was it his early mental maturity trapped inside a childish body? Was it because he was sandwiched between six other siblings? Was it medical? (Indications of ADD were present--not hyperactive, but rather the ultra-slow, highly distracted side.) It was probably the combination of all of these things that enabled this sweet little child to erupt into a full-blown rebel. Yelling, screaming, throwing things, you name it. I had only read about this kind of child, and now I had one.

What in the world was I to do?
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Homeschooling the Rebellious Child

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