Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ways We Have Ruined Our Children

One of the email loops I'm end sent this link for Off the Grid News: The Ways We Have Ruined Our Children.

It was awesome!  It runs about 52 minutes long.  It's an interview with a young man named Lance Seppi.  He's the third of seven homeschooled children in his family.

One of the topics discussed was the fact that our society is not instilling the ability to work into our children.  We are "raising children" instead of "raising adults."

I totally get this.  It frustrates me so when I see teenagers who are not actively part of the housework, for example.  Because my grandparents' illnesses, I was running the whole house (shopping, cleaning {somewhat!}, cooking, washing, paying bills) all by the time I was 15.  Oh, and I was handling what medical care they needed at home including frequent hospitalizations for my grandmother, all while I was maintaining good grades at school.  I know the Lord helped me through this, but I also know that teens are much more capable than for what we give them credit.  Our founding fathers were graduating from college at 18 not starting college.

Another thing they discussed was the fact you need to give humanist and socialist credit.  They understand the importance of education.  It reminded me of a post I wrote over a year ago, but I thought I'd mention it here.  It's The Parents' Responsibility.


mamaforhim said...

Just out of curiousity, when did you start using the stove alone and when did you start handling raw meat?

mrspriceisright said...

Wow, interesting question.

I will honestly say that my grandparents didn't prepare me to work but made me familiar with work. Taking on all the duties was thrust upon me because of the circumstances.

To be honest, I don't remember when I started those things. I know there were times that I used the stove from around 8 as long as she was around. Totally alone probably by about 10 because I was making tortillas then sometimes. I know my daughter is 6 and she can fry eggs for instance as long as I'm near.

Raw meat. Hmmm... I know I made the whole Thanksgiving dinner when I was about 13, but I would probably say around 8 as well. My grandmother would let be prepare the meat for cooking.

Hope that helps and thanks for reading.

Patricia said...

When it comes to kids, what most people do is dumb down their expectations of them... and kids do as they always do, rise or fall to the expectations set before them. If we want to change our society we're going to have to do it one child at time.... raising expectations on them and they will rise to the challenge as they find they appreciate being treated like more than just a mindless child.

mrspriceisright said...

That is so true, Patricia. I was having a discussion with two of my sisters-in-law on Sunday. It was a "light" conversation about feminism and such. I made the comment that by me staying home and teaching my child, I was changing the future or our society as much if not more than if I ran for public office. We really do have the future in the palm of our hands!

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