Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Weeks, 5 Disciplines, 5 Challenges--Week 2

Last week, she started with the body. My goal was to record my eating daily at MyFitnessPal. I'm still looking for more friends, so check out the post and look me up at MyFitnessPal. I have recorded each day since Wednesday when I started and I was only over my calories one day. Okay, I did increase my calories after that, so I wouldn't go over again, but it's still making a difference.  See for yourself.
Now, on to this week. Time management. Read about it HERE.

Here's Courtney's challenge this week.

So, there's not much decision in this one. Write down and pray about your priorities. Write out the list. Every morning, pray over list and adjust accordingly. Repeat!  You can go to here site if you'd like to use her To-Do list.

Here's also some additional sources for schedules and calendars:

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