Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Autism and Immunizations--Is there a correlation?

April is Autism Awareness Month.

I am in no way able to do a dissertation on the possible links between the increased use of vaccinations and rise in rates of those children living on the Autism Spectrum.

I vaccinated Mija, but it was before I knew about the issues. Thanks to God, we haven't had any issues. I don't know what I would do now, but things like the graphic below, make me ponder. Notice that in addition to the increase in immunizations there is a decrease in the RATIO of the rate in autism. It went from 1 in 10,000 in 1983 to 1 in 150!

Let me know what you think on the subject.
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Victoria said...

It's interesting how autism has increased with how the amount of immunizations have increased, isn't it? From what I personally know (as a mother of an autistic child) is that there is no 100% definitive answer on this yet. However, the evidence I have seen points to the fact that immunizations cand and do play a roll. They obviously do not CAUSE autism, because that would make everyone who gets them to become autistic. So, there is something deeper going on. Several articles I have read seem to suggest many of our kids have a genetic abnormality that, when given vaccinations, triggers the autism. More research needs to be done on this. So, until a definitive answer is given, those who choose not to vaccinate should not be criticized, just as those who choose TO vaccinate should not be criticized. It is a very personal choice that each one must make regarding their own children.

Betsy Price said...

Excellent thoughts, Vicky. And I think it is a hard choice about choosing to vaccinate or not.

Jenifer said...

My husband and I talked about this the other day. Our kids are 14, 12, 10 and 9 and were all vaccinated. As you said, PRAISE GOD we have not had any problems!!!

I have no idea if the two are connected or not, but it does seem likely. If we ever had another (no plans to though) would I vaccinate again? When we discussed this we really couldn't decide what would be best. It is almost like choose the lesser of two evil and pray God protects your child!

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