Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proverbs 31 study with Good Morning Girls--Want to join in?

Back in December, I posted about starting an Ephesians Bible study with the Good Morning Girls.  That study has come to an end and everyone is looking forward to the new study coming up for the summer.

It will be over Proverbs 31. When you  sign up for her blog HERE, you get a copy of the book. The study is supposed to be "light, practical and GREAT for the busyness of our summers."

Here's the basic information from the Good Morning Girls website.

This summer session will include:
  • Videos from Courtney & Angela
  • Practical and realistic tips on HOW to be a Proverbs 31 Woman
  • Fun weekly challenges
  • Memory verses
  • And special guests!!!
The study is going to run from May 14 to August 17.  Now is the time you can decide if you want to join my ongoing Betsy's Bible Babes group on Facebook to join in the fun with us. It's a closed group, so you can only join it if I invite you.   If you'd like to, just drop me an email or leave a comment below BUT make sure you leave your name as you have it on Facebook.  I was disappointed this last session, but they left the comment as anonymous, so I had no way of adding them to the group!

So, wanna' do a Bible study with me this summer?


Hanson Crew said...

I'd like to do it Betsy. I never do a bible study in the summer and really need to do one :) Thanks! My facebook name is Deanna Hanson and not Hanson Crew.

Betsy Price said...

Gotcha' Deanna.

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