Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creating Contentment Online Seminar--Tues., Jan. 29

Creating Contentment Seminar

I've attending several live and online seminars with Lorrie Flem, and I'm looking forward to this newest one.

This one is obviously going to be about contentment. We often think things or circumstances are required to be content. Mrs. Flem is going to teach us how to learn how to be consistently content in our daily lives.

Now, this is a little different then some of her recent online tele-conferences.

For this seminar, you need a ticket which only costs $3. The benefit of the ticket is that you don't necessarily have to be at the seminar to benefit! The $3 ticket will give you access to the slides, verses, quotes, and video of the seminar, so you can access it at your convenience!

The actual seminar will be next Tuesday, January 29 at 1 PM Pacific. That's 3 PM Central which is my time.

So make sure to get your ticket, and let's create come contentment!

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