Monday, January 7, 2013

Literature Coming to Life in our Life

Lately, mija has been experimenting with literature in our normal life. Let me give a couple of examples.

Night Before Christmas Carol
She LOVES The Christmas Carol. We have read the book a few times, seen the play, and watch almost every version of it from Mr. Magoo to Captain Picard. It is fun because we compare and contrast movies to the book and movies to each other.

Well, last night I heard a scream coming from her room. I go check it out. She sits up in bed and exclaims, "The Ghost of Pancho (our chihuahua) Past, Present, and Future just walked from my bedroom door to the kitchen stove!" After assuring me that the dog was with her in bed and she heard him walk across the kitchen floor, I assured her that it was probably a mouse. With that explanation and some prayer, she calmed herself and went back to sleep.

The Ghost of Pancho Past, Present, and Future? Really?

Pancho praying for Christmas break to end!
Then there is The Princess and the Pea. A sweet story. We even allowed her to watch Once Upon a Mattress which I'm a little sorry about since there are some more "adult" themes in it. 

Now, I am frequently tested to see if I'm a princess. I found marbles under the mattress one time. Another time, this is what I found...
That's right. A baby doll. Obviously I found it!

And each time I find something, it's just one more proof that I am a princess! Like I needed proof!

All this has taught me two things:

1.  Be careful to what and how I expose her. I want her to learn about selfless giving from The Gift of the Magi not about cutting her hair. I most definitely do not want to live with seven men because of Snow White! Discussion about what we read or viewed is important.
2.  Expose her to even more! The story of Scrooge and his redemption belongs to her now. No one can take that away. Anne of Green Gables can teach her the benefit of having a "scope of imagination" which 
she can enjoy her whole life. (Mija already puts the back of her hand to forehead when she's acting like "dramatic" Anne!) Apart from living on a farm, where else could mija learn the usual outcome for the runt of the litter like she did safely through the pages of Charlotte's Web

So, I'll continue to look forward to more evidence of literature in our life. Do you have any examples of literature coming alive in your life?  Please share!

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Janet Sedano said...

Oh,this is so funny! Loved reading this. Do you know of You may like these stories for your DD. They are stories for homeschoolers by homeschoolers. The stories have homeschool characters. Check it out. :)

Jackie P said...

What fun you must have at your house! I think I am jealous of your crown. *smile*

Reading is such great fun, and soooo very important. Glad you guys have found a way to mix in the best of both.

I have to agree with your poster, Janet, I also LOVE Homeschool Literature. They have great resources for free and even an online book club for the kids. Can't loose!

Best wishes for finding suitable books for the both of you.


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