Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Martin Luther had a Wife---and so did many other religious leaders!

If you have been around my blog at all, you know my affinity for Martin Luther and his wife, Katherine Von Bora. It really should not come as surprise then that I have been reading a book entitled Martin Luther Had a Wife.

This book has several small chapters describing the lives and marriages of several historical men of the faith including:

  • Martin and Katie Luther
  • John and Molly Wesley
  • Jonathan and Sarah Edwards
  • Dwight and Emma Moody
  • William and Catherine Booth
One nice thing about this little book is that it does not sugar-coat the people or their marriages. It is not The National Enquirer-styled writing, but instead shares the good and the bad of the individuals and their marriages in a gracious way. It makes it nice to realize that these were real people and marriages just like ours. The whole "better and for worse, richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health" gamut! 

I also really enjoy history, so this is a great book about that, but it is told in a story format, so those who may not appreciate history should not get turned off. In fact, you will learn a little history without realizing it! For instance, you may have put a donation in a red kettle this past month, but do you know who started the Salvation Army? What about the Great Awakenings in the United States?  It is cool to learn about these things through the lives of these men and women.

Did I mention it was short?  The whole book is only 160 pages with five chapters. Nice small dosages of reading.

So, I recommend this encouraging and entertaining book. Encouraging because it shows these individuals as no different than us. Entertaining because of it's storytelling format. A great marriage and history lesson all in one.

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