Thursday, January 17, 2013

The K5 Kids--Contemporary Christian for Kids

Are you concerned about the type of music your children are listening to? Do you want to keep your kids kids and not force them into the teen world too soon?

These have been concerns of mine. Then a few months ago, I came across The K5 Kids. The first thing I saw was a video. I was intrigued. Here watch for yourself!

I received Volumes I and II. Volume I has TobyMac songs while Volume II has Newsboy songs. In addition, each CD has bonus songs on it.
First, I'll get on my soapbox about CCM. A lot of it is shallow and some of it is doctrinally wrong. So, I'm very picky about about what is considered contemporary Christian music.

K5 Kids Vol1 (TobyMac)All that being said, I found the music choices acceptable. Maybe not all doctrinal powerhouses, but nothing wrong. 

What I do like about The K5 Kids is the fact that it is children's voices singing the songs. My daughter relates much more when she hears children singing it. She puts it in her portable CD play, put her headphones and walk around the house listening while she doing other things. (Visions of a future teenager haunt my mind.)

K5 Kids Vol 2 (Newsboys)Speaking of mija, here is what she had to say about The K5 Kids.

Why do I like K5 Kids? I think they're cool. It can help  you have a better chance of becoming a Christian. If you're a Christian, it helps you learn more about God. I love K5 Kids.
(Isn't that a pretty nice paragraph?)

Now, when you go to the site to purchase them, there are choices to make. You can select the whole album for immediate download, a physical CD or you can even purchase the individual songs. If that weren't enough, you can even purchase lyric videos like the one above.

It's a little late for me to recommend the CD for stocking stuffers, but don't forget, Valentine's Day is coming up. They could be a great way to encourage LOVE for the Lord. Or what about in an Easter basket? Songs to remind them about the risen Savior.

I received free copies of the CDs in exchange for my honest review.

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