Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baking Sugar Cookies

Yesterday, I was awakened to find a recipe book and ingredients collected on the kitchen table. Mija declared that she was making cookies for daddy to celebrate his recent new job.

With only slight hesitation, I declare her plan viable. You see, it wasn't that long ago that our food was rationed because of my husband's unemployment. The hesitation was because I had to quickly reckon if we had enough to spare. Yeah! I thought it would be okay.

She had gone though one of my permanently borrowed cookbooks from my mom. From all the actual recipes, she chose one for sugar cookies which my mom had jotted down by hand.

Mija had gotten all the ingredients, but needed a little help deciphering my mom's shorthand.

First of all, props to mija's teacher for doing such a great job teaching her fractions! ;-) She totally understood the fractions in the ingredient list. 

The only things I did in making the cookies was find the baking powder while explaining that there was a difference between baking powder and baking soda. I knew there was baking soda in baking powder, but there were more things as well.

I also flushed out mom's recipe a little bit, as well, explaining that generally you cream together the shortening/butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla first, and then add in the dry ingredients.

I also had to assure mija that if it chilled longer than one hour, it would be just fine. 

In the next step, one thing I did was roll out the dough. After all, that part can be a little challenging with a chilled dough. The other thing I did was take the pans in and out of the oven. After all, 400 degrees is pretty hot!
So, all in all, she did it all including all of the decorating. 

It was actually a very special activity. First, to have my daughter make cookies from a recipe my mom wrote by hand. Second, to roll out the dough with the rolling pin my grandfather made for my grandmother. It's so cool that mija remembers that and told me the story about the rolling pin!

And of course, it all counted for school! 

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