Monday, April 29, 2013

BzzAgent in Action: Choco Zucarita review & GIVEAWAY

I've mentioned before about being a BzzAgent. You get great things to review for free. You don't have to be a blogger; you just have to share about the product. One-on-one. Facebook. Twitter. You get the idea!

This time, I received...
Frosted Flakes(R) Choco Zucaritas(TM)
Photo credit: BzzAgent
That's right. Choco Zucaritas. They've been around Latin America for quite awhile, but these chocolate, frosted-flakes are just now hitting our shores.

Well, I'm not a big chocolate cereal eater, so I asked the experts in my home what they thought.
Okay, our regular bowls were in the dishwasher. A glimpse of real life in this house.
He liked it! Hey, Mikey! (and mija!)
Both were impressed with the chocolate-y taste and the fact it stayed crisp. These are two very important qualities for this two connoisseurs. 

While mija had a few bowls over a few days, hubby devoured and enjoyed the remainder of the box dry as a snack.

Now for the fun part for you! I was given two boxes, and much to my hubby and mija's chagrin, I'm giving the second one away for you to try!

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