Thursday, April 25, 2013

When does pre-adolescence begin

 Mija is not quite 8 1/2. She's too young for pre-adolescence, right?

Two events within the past few days makes me wonder (and fear).

Have you heard of No No Hair Removal? Here's a clip.

Well, we saw it on TV the other day.
Mija: Do you think we need that?
Me: No.
Mija: Well, I've got hair all over my legs, so maybe I do.
WHAT? My 8-year-old is concerned about hair on her legs?
I assured her that it's perfectly fine for little girls to have hair on their legs. I explained that after her body starts becoming a grown up lady, she can decide if she wants to shave her legs or not, but it's not a big deal.

Then last night we were getting ready for church. She 
Similar to these.
come out wearing a cute pair of cropped pants/capris. Not leggings, so they were not light to the skin. She decided she didn't like them because the "legs were too big." I said they were fine. Get where I'm going with this?
FIFTEEN MINUTES of meltdown, crying, pouting, arguing, complaining, etc. over a pair of pants?

The capris were clean, modest, and actually cute, but they were obviously straight from the pit of hell, and I was making her wear them.

She's too young for this, right?

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