Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Printable!! My Country Report

Are you ready for another free printable?!?
Here is a fill-in the blank report for a country. I made it because I thought it would be a great introduction to writing reports about countries.

It's definitely a step above just fill in the blank sheets, because the answers are plugged into an existing report format. It becomes an introduction in the proper format to write a report. The last sentence is an open format allowing the student to include one interesting fact of their own.
It was also a first experience in research. Usually, mija and I look things up together. For this report, I found a couple of website with information about Australia and let her research from those. Previewed sites allowed me to have assurance that she wasn't going to come across unwanted content.

I've also included a key, so you know exactly what each blank needs.

This will regularly be available on my My Printables page.

Let me know what you think!

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Jade Clark said...

Love this. Thank you for sharing!!! We'll def be making use of these this year! Bless you!

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