Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Homeschool Dads Beware

Most of us are home educating moms, but this is a growing group of home educating dads. They may be the primary teacher or a very involved father.

As much as we deal with the public questions and concerns about homeschooling in general, dads can face it even more so.

We were recently talking to a friend who schools his 3 daughters while his wife works. He's usually the odd man out at homeschool activities because, well, he's the man!
There are the awkward situations he has to deal with as well like public restrooms, swimming, etc., and there are the dangerous situations like just being out in public alone with his daughters.

Dangerous because people are being trained to question men alone with children.

Here's an example.

That's right. Surely there is something to be suspicious about a man being with a little girl. 

Think I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill? Let me tell you a story.

carousel_horse.jpgAbout four years ago, my hubby took my then 4 year old to the mall to shop for a present for me. She threw a MAJOR TANTRUM in the middle of the mall because she couldn't ride the merry-go-round. 

Like any good parent after deducing that this was not going to be a quick fix, my husband picked her up and started for the car to bring her home.

On the way back to the car, he was stopped twice by "civilians" questioning whether mija was actually his daughter. 
Then the mall cop on the Segway (yes, really) came up and began to question him. It didn't stop there. He literally followed my hubby and a still screaming mija out to our van. The mall cop looked into our van to verify it had a booster seat and copied down the license plate number and the info from my hubby's driver's license.

He truly expected the police or CPS to be at the house when he got home.

This was a really hard place to be. I was so thankful that there really were people who would step up to protect a child in case of abduction. The mall cop also did a good job even making sure to document the situation.

On the other hand, my husband was trying to be a good parent and was suspected because of it.

Would it have happened if I, the mom, had been the person dragging a screaming child out of the mall.

I doubt it.

Can you see the tantrum building?
The same year, mija had another MAJOR MELTDOWN when we attending a Tea Party rally. Leaving hubby behind to pick up all of our stuff, I carried a flailing, screaming child several blocks along a busy, active, boulevard. People were ever where.

Was I stopped or questioned? No.

Why? I think mostly because I was a female. 
Maybe secondary reason was because we were in a group of somewhat like-minded people. 
But mostly because I was female.

So, let's keep our men in prayer. This is just one more way they are being attacked.

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