Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guarding against Gardasil

Okay, I know I might be opening a can of worms....

I know Gardasil has become a debate in some circles. 

Personally, we had never planned on giving mija the Gardasil vaccination.  We hadn't considered health reason in this choice, but moral reasons.  Pardon my bluntness, but teaching my daughter to keep her knees together before marriage will deter a lot more problems in her life than Gardasil would.

To me, insisting that young girls need the vaccine because of viruses encountered through promiscuity means the teaching of purity and obedience to God's word on the matter of intimacy has just thrown in the towel, sent up the white flag, surrendered.

Then there is the whole health side of the issue.

Dr. Mecola had an article on Tuesday that included several videos and much commentary on the health risks involved.
Just CLICK HERE to go to the page.

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