Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town...or is he?

Next to the question of whether you do Halloween is the question of whether Santa comes to your house on Christmas Eve.

So, controversial.  And sometimes, unfortunately, a litmus test of one's "spirituality."

Just for the record, Santa doesn't come to our home.  You can't help but notice the guy this time of year, however.  It's not like you can say, "There's no such thing as Santa," because there he is!  Everywhere!

We tell mija that Santa gives gifts to remind us about the Gift we received from God, but that we don't celebrate Santa, because we'd rather celebrate the Gift of Jesus.

We do watch some of the Santa shows that come on.  My hubby and I have fond memories on watching Rudolph and Frosty and such although we are much more selective about the newer stuff. 

We have, however, taught her about Saint Nicholas.  We've brought him up before and mentioned him this year with our study of the Byzantine Empire.  I like teaching her about the real person who served God.

I found out about a website by St. Nicholas Center.  It's The Real Santa.  It has numerous stories and poems, online games and activities and activities to print.  So, if you'd like more resources about The Real Santa, check it out!

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Rena said...

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. We've always done the Santa thing at our house, but my kids have always been taught that Christmas is really about the birth of Christ. I suppose that could be confusing for some people, but it's been fine for our family.

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