Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spelling is a "favret"

Book Spelling
You know, timing can be so "timely!"

Today, mija was having trouble with the word favorite.  She kept spelling it favret.  I explained to her that it was because she wasn't pronouncing it correctly and tried to have her repeat it correctly with me several times to get it drilled into her head.  (We'll find out tomorrow if it helped!)

strawberry 3
It's a berry laying on its side...
It's a LIE-BERRY!!

 It reminded me of this little girl I used to watch.  She really liked going to the lieberry.  After a few visits to the library when I would purposely exaggerate pronouncing the word, she finally got it.

Sometimes, it's just part of growing into their language.  However, I think a lot of times it's because WE have been lazy in our speech.  After all, they learned how to speak from us!

I finished talking to mija about favret, got online to check my email and TADA! AllAboutLearningPress.com had an article entitled How to Improve Spelling with Correct Pronunciation.

See what I mean about timing? It wasn't in FebUary or on Wensday.  It was right after one of our favret subjects!  Spelling! 

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