Monday, November 14, 2011

Spoons Project

I just came across Project Bread's Spoons Project.  Project Bread is located in Massachusetts, but the idea would be cute to do anywhere!

"When you see a spoon, you probably think of eating. It's also important to think of those who are not eating and what we can do to help.
Project Bread and Jordan's Furniture Spoons ProjectBy decorating spoons, we can teach children about hunger and how they can make a difference."

So, you can decorate wooden spoons to sell.  While Project Bread developed the idea and would gladly accept the donations, I think it would be just as awesome and appreciated if you donated it locally.  This would definitely help to demonstrate the local need to your children.

Or if you don't feel comfortable with cash, how about accepting food donations for a local pantry?  That might be even a more tangible lesson for smaller ones. 

So visit Project Bread's Spoon Project site for decorating ideas and even lesson ideas!

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