Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Show Me" Daniel Boone

tvI've mentioned previously that we are back to traditional rabbit-ear television.  Thus, mija has learned important things like:
  •  David Cassidy had cool hair.
  • The Monkees were too busy singing to put anybody down.
  • You might as well just leave it to Beaver.
  • Sometimes, there really is danger for Will Robinson.
  • Batman and Robin somehow magically change clothes on the Bat pole.
  • AND...History can be presented inaccurately.
That's where the whole Daniel Boone issue comes into play.
(BTW Daniel Boone eventually moved to MISSOURI and even died here.)

I won't go into all the wrong details in the old show Daniel Boone show, but it was enough for me to make sure we got some TRUE HISTORY into our systems quickly!!
(Like the fact that when Kentucky came to exhume Boone's body from it's resting place in MISSOURI, they accidentally took the wrong body, so Boone is still buried here in MISSOURI.)

So, I followed the Missouri state motto of "Show Me" and began to show my daughter the real Daniel Boone while she still enjoyed the wholesome entertainment of the old show.

One thing I found was some fun activities and lessons at Lesson Path Ways.

Also, we've been reading Daniel Boone: Frontier Legend.  Now, I'm going to tell you the truth, it's probably a little dry for my almost 7 year-old, but because her interest in Daniel Boone was already sparked, she's willing to listen and grab hold of juicy bits in the midst of the dry morsels.

I was determined to read Daniel Boone: Frontier Legend, however, because we purchased it at the Daniel Boone Home here in MISSOURI.  We had visited it a few years ago, but mija was only about 3, so we'll definitely need to make the trip again.

After all, it's really memorable to see the room where Daniel Boone died here in MISSOURI, and the view he saw from the house here in MISSOURI, and the tree he sat at to be a judge here in MISSOURI.   Okay, he didn't necessarily do those things in that order, but he did do them here in MISSOURI.

So, keep in mind even "older" television shows need to be watched with some discernment, although we'll always remember that Daniel Boone explored and settled Kentucky, but lived and died here in MISSOURI!!

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