Thursday, January 19, 2012

Accreditation vs. Education. Parents in the KCMO school district need to grow up.

I live in the Kansas City area.  The big thing that's been in all the news is the fact that the Kansas City Public School District has lost it's accreditation.  It just took effect January 1, so now there is an attempted mass exodus to neighboring school districts.

I just have a few questions for those parents.  "What are you thinking?  Where have you been?  What's more important to you?"

Whew.  I feel better getting that off my chest.  

I mean really.  Their children haven't been educated well for quite awhile, but it takes the state removing the accreditation before they are willing to do something?  Why is it the state's job to recognize their children's needs? 

And what is educational accreditation anyway?  The state sticking it's nose into things which are the parents' responsibility?  This whole idea of state accreditation has only been around for the past 50-60 years.  Some how, people throughout past millenia survived (and even thrived) without having attended an accredited school.

In fact, I graduated from a non-accredited, Christian School.  I went right into college with no issue.  And that was back in the mid-80s!!  Lord willing, I will educate our daughter through high school.  She will have an unaccredited education.  Am I worried?  No way!


Because she will have an education. That's what is important.  That's what the KCMO parents are misunderstanding.  What their children need is not accreditation; it's education.

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