Friday, January 27, 2012

Where does education take place?

Over a year ago, I wrote a status on FaceBook about the difference between public education and home education.  I meant it as a semi-joke, but also a commentary on the two systems. 

Boy, I didn't realize the can of worms I was opening!  

One of my old friends from high school took it VERY personally.  I tried to assure her I wasn't speaking specifically about her children or her choice.  I said that every parent has to decide between them and God what is best for their children.  I even asked if we could just "agree to disagree."  

She un-friended me.  :-(

But one of her comments has hung around and just goes to prove how little most know about home education.  She said something to the effect of just because we do our schooling around the kitchen table doesn't mean it's better or make us "holier than thou."

Well, at least she didn't think I had a desk set up.  I know many homeschoolers have a "classroom" with desks and such for doing school.  That's cool if it works for them.  I dare say most of them don't limit themselves to just that one room though.  Personally, we tend to be a little more casual throughout our day.

I thought I'd share some pictures of learning taking place. Some are recent; some are not.  I'd love to see how it compares with your day!

Okay, so some of the day is spent at the kitchen table.  And yes, these happy expression are staged!  It's not always quite this exciting.

Doing some math with her little brother Pancho.  She also climbed under the table to listen to me do some reading.

Doing some language with her brothers.  I'm okay with different locations as long as work gets done and penmanship/neatness doesn't suffer.

Here she's reading Charlotte's Web.  Of course, Pancho and ChiChi are usually nearby.  They love their big sister!  ;-)

She's attending an online club at  I'm not sure why she has Mick Jagger lips.

We've used sidewalk chalk to practice spelling words.

Sometimes it just happens.  She discovered this katydid on our porch and we later researched it.

There's nothing like learning by doing!  Her 5-cup salad/ambrosia has become a regular at family gatherings.

Of course, field trips rock!
There's nothing like seeing and touching
tadpoles with friends!
Toy and Miniature Museum in Kansas City.
Well, there a few places where learning has taken place around here.  Nothing wrong with a desk or a kitchen table, but homeschooling offers SO MUCH MORE!!!

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Victoria said...

I like this post. Very true that learning can and should take place anywhere and at anytime.

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