Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artists and Authors--Learning Character Through Drawing (GIVEAWAY)

ARTISTS and Authors
I was excited when I learned I would get to review Artists and Authors by Eternal Encouragement. I had already purchased the book earlier this year with plans to use it for mija during the school year. I just pulled it out earlier than I had planned (thanks to my moving strategy). I decided the best way to review it was to use it!

Let me tell you a little about it first. It's a little spiral-bound book that allows your child to draw a picture that goes along with each little devotional written by Lorrie Flem. It can be done daily or as you see fit. 
It covers:
  • 24 character traits
  • The Fruits of the Spirit
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Five Holidays
Each page doesn't take much time at all which is really nice for a younger child. The spiral-binding makes it lay flat which makes it much easier to read and especially to draw! 
What also makes it nice is that each page can be dated, so you can end up keeping it as, well, a keepsake.  You'll definitely want to do so. Let me show you why.
One lesson deals with how big God is. Lorrie mentions how the Bible says that God uses the Earth as a footstool and instructs the child to draw a picture of God using the Earth as a footstool. Here's what mija drew:
How could you not love it!!  It's God's foot resting on the Earth!! She even put continents and oceans on the Earth! LOVE IT!

I decided to let mija write her own review. Here is what she wrote.
I like to draw. That is why I like this. I think it's cool!

There is also a counterpart book entitled Authors and Artists. For that book, they write a little bit about the small lesson. It's recommended more for ages 7 and up.
I wanted to mention it because Mrs. Flem is giving away one of each on her blog Randy's Rib.
Here are the links to the giveaways.
Remember, Authors is the one the child writes. Artists is the one the child draws. Enter for both because I know you'll want them both!

Although I had already purchased my own copy earlier this year, I did receive a copy for free in exchange for my honest review.


Audra Silva said...

Awww - sweet photo of her artwork. I also love that you added her own mini review. :)

Cindy said...

Great drawing! I love the concept :)

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