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Used Curriculum Sale = temptation and failure (sigh)

The University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library held its annual Book and Plant Sale this year on April 25-26, 2009, in the 5th floor Heritage Room.
UofSLibrary Photo
I was so thankful for the used curriculum sale this past weekend. I quickly   labeled over 60 items, prayed my items would find favor and be purchased, and dropped them off on Friday with my hubby and mija in tow.  We can really use the money because we only have $10 to our name! (Praise God my husband just got hired for 2 part-time jobs, but that money hasn't started yet!)

So, we go over there to drop off my goodies and the workers offered us the chance to go through the sale early since we were sellers. I asked my husband if we could and he said, "No." That simple.

Obviously, he hadn't understood my request.

I said, "Puhleeeease, can I just look. I'm not going to buy."


After several exchanges, he finally said yes. I probably would have called it nagging and whining if mija had behaved the way I did.  Of course, I didn't nag or whine. I merely expressed sincere desire until I got my way.

First failure.  Not accepting "no" the first time I was told.

So, I proceeded to look. There are only two areas we are missing something and that is literature/language and science. While we are missing "official" curriculum, I do have plans of things to piece together as needed for those subjects until things change financially.

MicroscopeWell, I found something. A teacher guide and student workbook for a science curriculum for only $3!  That's right. Both items together for only $3.  The teacher guide alone is worth $40 new!  It really doesn't matter what curriculum it was, but it would have been nice to have "a reason for" science, if you get my drift.

I thought for sure purchasing this would be a slam dunk.  I mean, it was only $3. We'd still have $7. AND it was science. Hubby loves science.  All I had to do was show it to him.

And he said, "No."

I explained the benefits, the deal, the fact it would make my life easier. It included the topics I wanted to cover this year.


I conjoled which is just a cool word for sustained nagging coaxing.

"No"  He kept declining my request!!!

Then I looked around. Mija had found a book for $0.50 and asked to purchase it. Daddy said, "No." She asked again and started to whine. He said, "No."

Just as I was going to get after her for nagging and not listening to her daddy when he said no, I stopped a minute and wondered "Where in the world did she pick up this nagging and not accepting "no" for an answer?"


I had to explain that Daddy had told both of us "no," and we need to accept it with a good attitude (which was REALLY was a great deal!...and it met a need...and...{sigh} Let it go.)
I also told her if we had listened to Daddy in the first place and not looked at the books, we never would have been tempted in the first place.

I'll admit. I was trying to demonstrate submission on the outside, but inside I was still "not very happy" (After all, it did included both the teacher's and students books for only $3. $3!!! {sigh} Let it go.)  After we drove down the road awhile, I was able to get my insides to agree more with my outsides.  I apologized to mija for setting a wrong example. I wanted her to really understand how I acted was wrong AND that when you do the wrong thing you apologize.

Oh, and I apologized to my hubby, too. (Although I'm sure, if I could have just explained the great deal and great product it was he would...{sigh} Let it go.)

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Cindy said...

Who knows, maybe you will be blessed because of your 'delayed' submission and make enough $$$ to buy that science cuz it will still be there when you go back.
maybe, just maybe ;)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

It's really hard, isn't it? But it's not all bad. And perhaps this wasn't the best science book for you and something better will come along!

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