Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chore Charts--some ideas from Pinterest and what I'm using

Some of you were watching me on Pinterest the other evening, because I received comments about all my chore charts pins!  I was researching! I'll share some of my pins with you and then what I decided to try! If you want to see them all (and more as I come across them), follow my Pinterest board, Child Labor Rocks!

Now, for what I decided to use...

MyJobChart.com That's right! It's online! Meaning I don't have to make anything. It's free to use. Mija thinks it's cool because she gets to go online to check her "jobs". 

  • You set the chores/jobs.
  • You determine the points for each.
  • It allows the child to save, share, and spend.
  • They can spend their points on activities or items you select, or items you select from Amazon.com like books and games.
  • One point would equal one cent if you use money or purchases as an incentive.
  • You can add or subtract points on your own based on attitude or other actions (good grade, helped without being asked, etc.). 
We've only have used it one day, but it's seems to be a hit. We've started only with a few basic things until we get used to it (although she's already asking for more jobs, so she can earn more points). Since we're uber-poor, we have not selected anything from Amazon to purchase. We've have selected rewards such as making cookies, going to the park, or game night. We've also given her the option to save in her savings account or give to church. That will cost us a little money when she does those.

I'd love to know what you all do for chores! And I'll see if this online chore program works past day one! ;-)

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Bridget at Le. Rheims said...

I've been trying to decide on a chore chart for my kids too. The ages are 7 down to 2. I'd like something that at least the oldest four can use, easily, but there's such a huge difference between a 3 year old and a 7 year old that it's been hard to find. Thanks for the good ides! Stopping by from the hop.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I love chore charts. I created a picture chore chart a few years ago since I only had one reader in the family. We love using it, but the downside is that we had to make it. :) As long as I'm faithful to set it up, they are eager to get it done! http://cultivatedlives.blogspot.com/2011/05/picture-chore-chart-tutorial.html

I can see trying something like this in the future. You'll have to come back in another month or so and let us know if it is still working for you.

Homeschooling makes it essential that we bring them into this part of home maintenance, doesn't it?!?!?

Monica said...

These chart's are great ideas! Thanks so much for visiting me and I'm now following you via GFC. All the best- Monica!

Natasha SerenityYou said...

Thank you so much for featuring my chore chart!!

Natasha @ www.serenityyou.com

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