Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunday Worship Notes for kids in church

We attend a family integrated church, so mija has been sitting in the service since she turned four years old. Many families start before then.

I won't go in depth for the reasoning of family integration, but here's some basics. It just means that the family is recognized as the main source of evangelism and discipleship for our children. We know what our children are learning because they are right there with us. Having families together in the service has worked for millennia, why wouldn't it work now? Our church isn't as dogmatic as some since we do have separate Sunday school classes and offer AWANA, but the philosophy is that of being a support to the parents not the source for the children. We have really come to appreciate it. Mija thinks Pastor Tim is the best pastor in the whole world!

I'm always looking for ways to encourage her active participation during the service. She was very excited when I presented her with this worship note for kiddos I found!

Here is what her paper looked like from Sunday. 
The Tigger sticker was her addition! The only thing she didn't like was the squares for song numbers. Since we don't use hymnals, she thought they were wasted space! All in all, I don't think she did a bad job. Can you tell the message was about praying? ;-)

If your children are in the service, what do you do to help them focus and learn? Is there anything you would change or add to this worship note if you were to make it?
I'd love to hear idea!


Beth said...

We attend a family integrated church as well. We love it! With our oldest daughter (now 18) we didn't attend a church were children were in the service until the were in middle school and then they sat in a separate section together. :( I think requiring her to sit with us was very difficult for her when all her church friends (yes all of them) were doing something else.

With our younger children (4.5y, 2.5y & 10mo)sit with us during the service and in Sunday school. There is nothing separate for children, although there is a nursery for young children if parents want to us it (it comes equipped with speakers so you can still hear the sermon) and there is a separate area in the main room for nursing mothers or with fussy babies.

I will try using the form you linked with my 4.5yo daughter or something similar to help her be engaged with what is going on. Her favorite part of the service is the music because she loves to sing the hymns. :)

Thanks for the great post.

Pamela said...

One church we pastored had Children's Worship Bulletins which were a lot like this. So sweet--I think it would encourage a pastor!

Leslie Frances said...

I really like this, will be using something like this when my DD gets older! Thanks for linking up with Simply Better.

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