Thursday, August 23, 2012

Duct tape or Duck tape---either way it makes great projects

Mija has discovered a new craft. Duck Tape. 

Let me clarify first. Duct tape is silver and practical. Duck tape is made by Duck brand and comes in a variety of colors and patterns like these:

Printed Pattern Duck® brand Duct Tape
It's not your father's duct tape!!

This new interest started at Father's Day when we went to Michael's. She was able to make a Duck Tape wallet! HERE are the directions we used. Here's what her finished gift looked like.

Quite the diva, I know. And yes, she decided on pink and neon for her father's Duck tape wallet. 

Now, the fancy Duck tape is not cheap at least for a family with an unemployed father!! It costs about $5 a roll, but you do get more than one project per roll. Well, I found directions for an extremely easy pencil case. Then I found some Duck tape at Family Dollar for less than $4 a roll. Not a big selection, but at least some choices other than silver!

Of course, mija chose pink.
Here's what you need for this project:
Duck tape of your choice, a Ziploc Slider back quart size, and scissors. Any kind of storage bag would work as long as it has a zipper. Quart size is the perfect pencil case size. 
Next, you start putting the tape on the bag. I recommend starting at the zipper and putting it right up to the zipper. Any extra length can be wrapped around the edge, but make sure it's not too much.

Then do the other side the same way!

Once both sides are covered, take a piece and fold over the side edges to make a clean and finished look.

Here is what it looks like once it's done.

Now, if you know girl's this age, you know that it can't be left plain. So, I found a few Sharpie markers and let her "finish".

Flowers and hearts are a must in decorating!

That has been our Duck tape expedition, so far.  Have any of you made projects with Duck tape, yet?

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