Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar--like on Pinterest

This idea is not original with me. I found it on Pinterest here. BUT I do get credit for actually doing something I found on Pinterest and not just pinning it!

I made a dry-erase weekly calendar using only things I already had! you can't beat that!

You need a collage frame. Of course, 7 or 8 frames are recommended, but I only had a 6 frame one.

Now, the one on Pinterest had each square a different pattern. I chose to use three different patterns with related colors. I also wanted to make sure each had black in the pattern because of the black frames. I just thought it would be more cohesive.

Here's my finished project.
As you can see, since I had 6 frames, the weekend is combined on one frame. I also tried to vary the direction of the patterns to add a little more interest.

I really like it! While many hang on the wall, this frame works better as a stand which makes it very convenient for me. It's right behind the chair I use for my computer, so as things come up, I just swivel around and post it on the schedule!  There are many more things on there since the picture was taken!

And you know what else was really nice? Just the fact that in the midst of the chaos which is my life, I could take a few minutes and bring some beauty and order to my family!

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Enchanted Homeschooling Mom said...

What a great idea! Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

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