Monday, September 24, 2012

Managing My Minutes--Scheduling review UPDATED

I am always blessed by Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement and this item is no exception BUT there is one thing that really bugs me. The cover! This woman with five arms kind of freaks me out. Reminds me of one of those Hindu goddesses or something!

Okay, on to the real review.

Lorrie's updating her scheduling bundle. It will have three sections and I was able to read and review the first section.

My first comment is "Hurry up and finish the rest of the bundle!!! I need more!" The whole bundle will be completed with all this new content soon, but I need it now!

UPDATE!!  It's available now! Just go to Attention Moms.

In this section of the bundle, Lorrie uses several articles to demonstrate the need to have a schedule. I think she more than accomplishes her goal. (That's why I want the rest!) Some of the things mentioned that really moved me includes the fact that all time is actually God's. We will need to explain to God how we used our time. That's a scary reminder for me.
She also mentioned several times that a schedule is just a tool. It's for your use. There are no schedule police that will nab you if you get off schedule or decided to skip part. This helped me because I often see a schedule as a big taskmaster which shames me every time I fail to live up to it's standards.
I've also used my husband's mixed up work/unemployment schedule as an excuse reason for not scheduling. I really never considered before that I could have different schedules to use for different days or weeks.

Since this section convinced me of my need to have a schedule, I can't wait for the bundle to be released! You need to be looking for it, too!

Oh, and every time I've typed the word "schedule", I've wondered if you're read it as "skedule" or as "shedule".  I'd love to know if you read/speak it American or British! Mention it in the comments!

This item was freely given to me in exchange for my honest review.

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Lady Violet said...

I like that there are no "schedule police"--haha! And I say "skedule"--does anyone say "shedule" really? I've never heard someone say that!

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