Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Minute Friday--Focus

Five Minute Friday


That's a good one.
I would love to be able to focus better. Sometimes I think I have ADD. I'm washing dishes and then remember that I need to put TP in the bathroom and then remember that I was going to call someone.
I need to just do the next thing.
Focus on what I'm doing.
Focus on where I am.
Especially focus on WHOM I'm with.
Whom? Who?  I think it's whom since it's the object of the preposition and whom is the objective case.
See what I mean.
I lose focus.
But I do come back. Eventually.
Thankfully, God can handle that.
I wish I could. He's so much more grace-giving than I.



Nancy said...

Here from Five Minute Friday, and oh, I am so right there with you. I'm so unfocused lately it is kind of scary. I've even resorted to making lists of the lists I need to make, and get distracted from doing that.

Prowess and Pearls said...
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Prowess and Pearls said...

Haha...I too find myself losing focus all the time. I can be in a conversation and my husband and kids are constantly reeling me in! Thanks for the reminder that I'm not alone!;-)BTW: found you through Five Minute Friday

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