Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sorry I've been hit and miss...explanation

I haven't been as regular as I normally have on my blog the past few weeks. A lot of things have been happening which have called me to focus on the tyranny of the urgent!

I've been fighting a sinus infection which is possibly starting to focus on upper respiratory. That's enough to suck the energy from you.

We started school this week. Unfortunately, it hasn't been a stable start either.

What's been taking most of my energy and attention has been my husband. This is what he looks like since Tuesday AM. 
It appears as if he has a third foot!

The saga began last Tuesday. I came home from an errand to find mija informing me that daddy cut himself very badly. I checked. Yup. It was very badly. I had placed a broken vase in the trash and neglected to mention it to him. He decided to condense the trash with his right fist and....
laceration about an inch long directly over his right index finger knuckle with this little white thing sticking out. 

We went to the emergency room. Turns out that little white thing sticking out was a tendon. A severed tendon. Here, let me make it educational for you!
But it was the right hand instead of this left hand.
The ER doc just sewed it up and sent us to the specialist. When we saw the specialist on Thursday, she couldn't really see it, of course, because it was sealed with 3 stitches, but instead scheduled surgery to determine that needed to be done and then do it.

You see, there are those two tendons close together, and if one is severed, it's okay. She would just seal it back up and let it heal. BUT if the EDC one was severed, well, that's a really important one. The laceration would need to be extended and the tendon reattached.

The only work he's been able to find has been two part-time jobs during this past month. He's been working 7 days a week between the two and 3 days a week, he worked both! Well, it was pretty clear that stocking shelves at the grocery store was going to be out of the question. He tried to continue to pizza delivery job, however, but after the second night, the restaurant fired him because he was too slow.

We were at the hospital this past Tuesday morning at 6 AM getting him ready for surgery. It turned out it was the EDC which meant it was the worse case scenario. We've have him schedule for physical therapy. It's going to be about 3 months before he can even gently grasp something with his right hand.

Of course, he's dealing with the pain and discomfort of the hand AND the pain of discomfort of being totally unemployed again and not being likely to find some in his current physical state.

And I'm dealing the guilt of it being my fault.

I continue to be confused by what God is doing in our lives, but I'm attempting also continue to trust that God knows what His is doing and it will be for my best and His glory.

So, if I'm hit and miss for awhile, please think to pray for us. I'm just trying to  "do the next thing".

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Jenny said...

This is exactly when you need to just focus on the next thing, Betsy. I don't say that lightly. I've been in some pretty deep waters, too. "For the LORD shall be your confidence, and shall keep your foot from being shaken." Hugs, friend.

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